1. a plan or method for achieving a goal.

So you’re doing something cool and ready to share it with the world, that’s fucking awesome!  Who is your audience?  Where are you going to share it?  Obvi on your socials, but think about getting your news in front of people that don’t know about you.  What better way than to get coverage in a media outlet that your intended audience would see?

Below is a checklist of many of the things that you need to do in order to get the word out for yourself.  This checklist essentially will walk you through the entire online course.  Use it to refer to throughout the process.

Design your approach.  

  • Set your expectations.
    • What does success realistically look like for you?
    • What are your metrics for success?
      • Is it how many pieces you land?
      • Is it how many views you get?
      • Is it how many seats you fill?
      • Is it certain people who attend your event?
  • What sort of stories do you want to tell?
    • What is your origin story?  Do you have something else to share?
    • What are the angle(s) you take to tell those stories?
    • Do you have events to talk about?  What about partnerships?
  • Create action items to achieve those goals.  
  • Tell them why you – what you do and have done, and maybe something about you that is special or unique.  
  • Find your audience.
    • Who can you reach via social platforms?
    • Who can you email directly, be it a subscription or your personal contacts?
    • What sort of media does your audience read, watch, or listen to?
    • Don’t underestimate the value of face time!  (I don’t mean FaceTime, I mean when you’re out and about in your life, tell people what you’re doing.  Check out networking events for people that suit your audience, ask what they think, hear what they have to say.)
  • Make a list of the outlets you think that align with your audience’s interests and tastes.  
  • Research who covers the sort of things that you’re doing.
  • Get familiar with their work.  Understand a sense of how to match the pitch to the journalist.  
  • Decide how you’re going to track the outreach.
  • Actually track it.
  • Share it with the world.

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