1. a regular report reflecting pickup about you/your show/your project/your product compiled into one or two documents.  Often includes both paste ups and detailed spreadsheet with information (outlet, date, link, impressions, optional ad value).

If you’re putting all of this work into your press campaign, don’t you want to look back and see the fruits of your labor?  And when you need to share that article with a potential client or member of the media (or Aunt Margie!), don’t you want to know exactly where to find it?  Organizing the coverage that your work resulted in will help you find what you need when you need it.  PLUS, coverage begets coverage.  The caveat to that statement is that you don’t want to pitch another competing or similar outlet the same story that someone else has written by sharing the link.  It is one thing to send the same or same-ish pitch, it is another to share coverage and ask someone to rewrite it in their outlet.

I like to use a Google sheet to keep a record of the media hits that have run.  The best way to include your coverage in your press kit is to drop in paste ups.  Paste ups are the copy and pasted content of the piece with the logo of the outlet, date, link, impressions (if you choose to include) and then the content.  For broadcast I like to use a screenshot of the video and create a hyperlink to the page or video so that it can easily be watched.

Each page must be uniform, pasteups will need to be adjusted for size, there should be an automatic calculating function to total the impressions and number of hits in the report. 

  • Client or project name
  • Outlet Logo
  • Paste up of article
  • Author (if applicable)
  • Impressions

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