1. a document used for events that allows for easy identification of notable attendees.

Who do you have attending your event and will be notable?  Who are the important people for the press to easily identify?  At your red carpet/activation/photo op/press conference, you want to make the photographer or journalist’s job as easy as possible (and help prevent mistaken identities or worse, the ‘guest’ moniker!).  This will also give your event staff an idea of who needs to have their photo taken or be interviewed by the media.  

The face sheet is laid out with anyone who is uber-important at the top after your title, date, location and any other pertinent info (most of this will also be on your media alert).  After your most important folks (hosts, executives, honorees, etc), you list everyone else alphabetically – I prefer alphabetizing by last name but sometimes first name is easier – as long as they’re alphabetical and the media can easily locate folks, you should be fine.  Below photos of each notable person attending, include their name and any corresponding project, title, or identifying information.  The formatting is the most challenging part, but it is vital that everything be neat and clean and aligned properly.  They’re time consuming but worth it.

This is one of the last things that you put together two or so days before your event as guests and attendees can change up to (and including at) the last minute.  You’ll never have every person photographed on your face sheet, but your VIPs should absolutely be included.  As I said, this one is time consuming and adding new people in alphabetical order can be frustrating due to formatting, but I promise it is a valuable asset.

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