1. a small card or metal plaque.

Have you invited the media to shoot your event?  Do you know where in the space they will be?  Do you have a step and repeat? Is there a need for stanchions?  How much space do you have?  Remember, people are always larger than a piece of paper so keep in mind your length of press line when confirming with media for coverage attendance.  (I did NOT think about that for my first ever Broadway opening and confirmed everyone who RSVP’ed.  Needless to say we were quite crowded on that carpet…thanks to anyone who covered opening night of GHOST!)

Are photographers allowed inside the event or are they restricted to the press line?  Where does the house photog think that they’ll get the best shots?  This is important because these are YOUR photos!  The house photographer is always hired and therefore should be a priority, make sure they have full reign in order to capture everything.

There are SO many questions when figuring out where the media will be permitted to capture your event.  Sometimes for shows, they’re allowed to watch the first 3 songs, or only the curtain call, and they’re definitely not allowed to use flash.  For parties you might want them to roam.  Make sure that you have someone on your team with them so that they’re capturing what they’re permitted to capture.

Type out the names of your confirmed, credentialed media outlets and print on a sheet of paper to stick to the floor along the press line or red carpet.  FedEx label sleeves are my favorite way to keep these place cards stuck to the floor. Placards allow publicists and talent easy reference as to who is with which outlet.  

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