1. a collection of materials to share with the media, prospective clients or business associates, and Aunt Margie.  Often includes a bio on the main subject, as well as an additional ‘about’ section, recent or evergreen press releases, paste ups, photos and videos if applicable.  

What information do you want to offer up to media that are writing a story?   They need a bio, press release, photos, and maybe some video on you.  Something that looks good and matches the branding you’ve cultivated, and it helps to include past coverage that has really shown you/your show/your project/your product in a fabulous light.  

If you feel compelled to print hard copies, feel free.  Personally, I prefer a digital press kit for daily use.  When I’ve got an event or need to have the informaiton easily accessible, I’ll send myself an email with the press kit contents attached and [CLIENT NAME] Press Kit in the subject.  Super simple to pass along to folks by asking for their email.

Alternatively you could share a link to a listed or unlisted page on your website, depending if you want anyone to be able to access your press materials, or media only (which is what I recommend).

Press kits should always include:

  • A bio or about page
  • A generic or most recent press release
  • Imagery – be that photos, artwork, title treatment (how you want your title to look), etc.  Anything visual
  • And your top coverage  

You want to use this opportunity to brag a little and not #humblebrag, I’m talking full on bragging with why you/your show/your project/your product kicks ass and they should cover it.  Is there a piece that talks about what makes you special?  Has there been a particularly great article that tells your story?  Or did a major outlet give you a great quote in a roundup or listicle (a list of sorts that has been published as a news article)?  Paste that piece up and include it in your press kit!

(Paste ups are reviewed in the coverage report section, but they are a cleanly excerpted article or clip with the outlet’s logo and date, along with links and the content.)

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