1. a record of those confirmed to attend your event, and one of those who actually attended.

How do you help yourself?  You stay organized and you keep spreadsheets with RSVP information.  Beyond the specifics of the event (name, date, time, location), you’ll need columns just like your media list for the outlet, first and last name of the attending media, email address, cell phone for day-of contact, notes, and depending on where your event is, some venues require equipment info.

Always remember that people are larger than a piece of paper.  Always know how long your red carpet/press line/step and repeat space is, then multiply by .8 and you will know how much space you actually have to work with.  By doing this, you avoid overcrowding your carpet and know when you need to stagger and have press use their step ladders.  And believe me, everyone will thank you.

The press hate it when you overcrowd them and then they get cranky.  Trust me, you do NOT want cranky photographers on your hands!  Sometimes the only thing you can do is tell them that they’re welcome to go to the bar or have a bite to remedy the situation.

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