1. the list of photos or images that your photographer needs to capture for later use.

When you’re throwing an event, you need to think about what materials you will need after the fact.  Think about your priorities – do your donors need to see where their money went?  What interesting images can you share with the media?  Will you host the event again down the line?  Will you need images for internal communications?  What images do you need for social media?

Whether your event photographer is a volunteer or paid professional, you need to tell them what photos are required for your purposes.  They won’t be able to read your mind, so you’ll need to communicate your needs.

Do you have donors or VIPs that should have their photos taken?  Are there specific groupings that you need to achieve?  Are there celebrities or high profile people attending that can help you garner post-event coverage?  Make sure that all of the groupings and images that you need to have are listed on your shot list.  Let your photographer know which images are non-negotiable, and give them the freedom to shoot additional images that you may not have thought about.  You never know what gems you could get!

One of my favorite photos of myself was one that I had no idea was being taken.  Tony night at the Carlyle Hotel, I had the envelope that read my client and friend Kenny Leon’s name for Best Director of a Play for A Raisin in the Sun, and Playbill published a shot of me showing it off.  No clue it was taken, but it’s such a fun photo.

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