1. a regular report reflecting the status of outreach about you/your show/your project/your product compiled into one document.  

If you’re working hard to reach out to various outlets and journalists, don’t you want to see what is working and what is not?  A status report is a great way to keep track of the outreach and help you know where you stand.  Organizing the status of each piece of the puzzle helps you see the whole picture.  This is super helpful whether you’re a one (wo)man band, or working as a team.  The more you can communicate, the better off you are.

They can be a pain in the ass (and are my least favorite thing to do), but if you’re constantly getting turned down it can be helpful to see listed in one place why each outlet is passing.  When someone replies to you telling you that they’re going to pass on the story, always reply thanking them and ask if there is any context that they’d be willing to provide.  It helps refine your pitch and gives you a better chance of success if you understand the journalist’s perspective.  You don’t always get much in response, but it is a great practice to have.  

You might learn that someone else is doing something similar or you’re going after the wrong audience, or sometimes that there isn’t enough bandwith to cover it.  And there’s always the classic “it’s not a fit.”

So, keep track of who is confirmed, pending, passed, and pitched!

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